In this day and age we’ve become so much dependent on mechanical devices that we have almost forgotten how to use our mind. We need calculators (if not computers) to add our shopping bills. Daily life tosses plenty of math problems our way. Do we really want to haul out Trusty Buttons every time we go shopping? Of course, normal calculation can get boring. Here’s the secret: Tricks and Shortcuts. If numbers were just a straight highway, there'd be no shortcuts. But they're more like a winding road. If we know our way around, we can cut across the grass and save lots of time.

Mental calculation comprises arithmetical calculations using only the human brain, with no help from calculator, computer or even pen & paper but easily and speedily. People use mental calculation when computing tools are not available, when it is faster than other means of calculation (for example, conventional methods as taught in educational institutions), or in a competition context. Mental math tricks are just useful not only in school, but also in everyday life.  And I’m not saying that “everyday life” has to be a career in the research of quantum mechanics or engineering massive skyscrapers.  In fact, the uses for mental math are so broad that it is almost impossible to tell about all the applications.  Whether it is figuring out your VAT/Tip when you’re done eating at a restaurant or finding the best price for a new car – mental math has got you covered.

Being able to perform arithmetic quickly and mentally can greatly boost your self-esteem, especially if you don’t consider yourself to be very good at Math. And, getting comfortable with arithmetic might just motivate you to dive deeper into other things mathematical. Learning to perform fast mental math calculation will help you immensely irrespective of which field of life you deal with. Knowing these mental math tricks will give you a positive edge over the others. Whether you are a student, aspiring engineer, statistician, scientist, school teacher or anyone else dealing with numbers, learning this quick mental tricks and techniques is always going to benefit you.

Most of us are taught to do math on paper from right to left. And that’s fine for doing math on paper. But if we want to do math in our head (even faster than we can on paper) there are many good reasons why it is better to work from left to right. After all, we read numbers from left to right, we pronounce numbers from left to right, and so it’s just more natural to think about (and calculate) numbers from left to right. One of the secrets to doing fast math tricks in your head is to learn how to solve mathematical problems from left to right.

This Blog presents plenty number of tips, tricks, techniques, shortcuts and ideas on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squaring, cubing, extracting roots and much more of faster calculation that will hopefully get you to look at arithmetic as a game. Don’t be discouraged if the tricks seem difficult at first. Learn one trick at a time. Read the description, explanation, and examples several times for each technique you’re learning. Then make up some of your own examples and practice the technique.

You can see that math has patterns. Practice these tricks and you’ll get good at solving many different kinds of arithmetic problems in your head, or at least quickly on paper. Half the fun is identifying which trick to use. Sometimes more than one trick will apply and you’ll get to choose which one is easiest for a particular problem. Whatever method works best, stick to it!

At the end, it can be assured that these Mental Math Tricks will give you the edge over others and help you become a human calculator!


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Mental Math for Faster Calculation

Mental Math for Faster Calculation
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