Newspaper Prediction Trick

This newspaper prediction trick works on a little known principle. You rarely see it written up which is a shame as it makes for a quite mystifying fast impromptu magic trick.

The secret is that if you remove any sheet from a newspaper spread you will have on that sheet four printed pages, two from the front section and two more pages from the rear. On the top of each of these pages there will be page numbers. For example, if we pulled off the outside sheet, it would have pages 1 and 2 on one side and let's say for our purposes, pages 34 and 35 on the other side. If you add these page numbers up they come to a total of 72. Now grab any other sheet from the same newspaper spread and the 4 page numbers on that sheet will also add up to 72. This, you will find, is true for all the pages in that particular newspaper.

Newspaper-Prediction-TrickSo once you know that number - which you simple find out in advance - you are ready to perform an impromptu magic miracle. Ask someone to pull out any page from the paper - you won’t even look - and then add up the page numbers and write the total down or memorize it. Then you can reveal your psychic powers in any way you like.

Here are two tips that might be of interest to you.

1)   To find the number of your prediction, just look at the number on the back page, double it and add 2. That's it.

2)    The trick can still be done in exactly the same way even if there is a single sheet in the centre of the paper. The prediction is found in the same way. You could simply remove the single sheet before starting the trick or tell people not to choose it.

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